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car accident is SHTF

I picked a piece out of a prepper website some time ago. Unfortunately I cannot remember or track down where it came from. Here it is without the credits and links I normally give.


8. Drive Better

For those who think preppers focus too much on far-fetched scenarios, this one is for you: a car accident is a SHTF scenario. We don’t often think about them that way, but we should. Not only are cars exceptionally dangerous, but even if you come away from an accident unscathed, the financial effects can be serious, assuming your insurance isn’t up to scruff.

Of course, collisions can happen to even the best drivers, but chances are, you are not among the best drivers. According to a survey from AllState, 64 percent of Americans believe they are above average drivers, calling themselves “excellent” or “very good.”

hand driving car

Yet, slightly more Americans, at 70 percent, admit they allowed themselves to be so distracted while driving that they have to swerve or slam on the brakes.

Consider it part of your daily anti-collision prep to avoid distractions while driving. And, if you’re not a confident driver, there’s no shame in getting some lessons in. After all, I bet you’ve taken pepper-related lessons, and this is much more likely to save your life.


Of course none of us need additional driver lessons. We are already very good or excellent. Those stupid other guys who ought to get them, though.

Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.
– Garrison Keillor –

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That demonstratively crappy driving surrounds us is obvious, if we are alert drivers. So many are definitely piloting vehicles while paying attention to darn near anything but their primary responsibility: not killing or injuring someone with their car. If you are not seeing A LOT of this every time you hit the road, you are part of the problem.

These drivers with their minds far away on a phone conversation, their eyes on text messaging, their heads turned to chat with companions or even kids in the back seat are all threats to everyone around them.

Take these threats seriously.

Negligent vehicle operation should only punish the offender, but it doesn’t work that way. We can wish it would, but staying out of their drama is the only part that is under our control.

I have missed three fatal collisions that were offered to me. All stories too long to detail adequately here, but I was ON TASK and adequately experienced when the fatalities offered themselves up to me. While intensely interesting at the time, I didn’t lose so much as a layer of wax on my car in any of them. Auto racing skills do have their practical applications.

Much more relevant to all drivers is The Pay Attention Factor. You have no chance if you are not. That most significant of all driving skills is available to all. It is a simple mind set that any can do.

Do it.