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Alexa’s dark side

While obvious to many, there is apparently a significant audience who not only allow this lying, spying device into their homes, they pay good money for them and use instead of thinking and taking advantage of readily available honest research.

This great cartoon nails both Alexa and their support of the unbelieveable official story where three World Trade Center towers collapsed straight down in rapid succession one day from airliners crashing into two of them.

Just ask DuckDuckGo if Alexa is biased. You will get an eyefull.

I admit it is masterful manipulation of the average mind. Nice work, globalists. You found a soft spot and exploited the heck out of it. This might be as good as creating “free public education” and taking over television broadcasting.

Using the above DuckDuckGo search, click the “video” tab. I didn’t check them all out, but this one is good.

Does Alexa spy on you?

Once again applying the awesome power that is an unfettered Internet, DuckDuckGo, completely unlike the 800-pound gorilla of search engines, gives you a wide variety of answers. The links with the greater credibility predominately say a resounding “YES”.

Alexa appears to be a major upgrade from “smart phones” and “traffic cameras” for those who would invade our privacy to build dossiers on each and every one of us.

Don’t give it another thought, happy campers.
Alexa is your friend.
Big Brother is here to protect you.