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democracy – the worst form of government

Two hundred fifty years ago, people read, studied, discussed lessons history taught from around the world. When people of the North American colonies beat the most powerful military in the world, they had numerous choices for their new government. The same information is available to us today, if we choose to seek it out. I will summarize here, but feel free to pursue further study on your own.

Monarchy – A single king or queen rules everything and everywhere. They deputize subordinates who have ultimate power over everything and everywhere as long as the top ruler allows it. Were a monarch to rule badly his kingdom would decline into ruin, be taken over by a superior, better ruled kingdom or the people would overthrow him. A successful monarchy is inherited by one of the ruler’s children.

Dictatorship is another version of monarchy, but their is no blood-line inheritance. Here too, the dictator must work within the limits of the people’s tolerance, and is personally rewarded by the success of his policies.

Democracy – majority rules, numbers count, the flock is in charge, might makes right. In every case, democracy throughout history has devolved into a lazy, decadent society that will vote itself into the dustbin of history.

Republic – Now we are talking. In a constitutional republic, common laws and common sense are in charge. You earn it, you keep it. The elites of this country had to remove the word and redefine our republic as a democracy before they could destroy it. 

Anarchy – We stop trusting our government to protect us since they stopped doing that long ago. We understand we are on our own to make alliances with people who respect our rights and whose rights we respect. That, by the way, does not include anybody’s right to take our stuff.

For the last 50 years, media, government schools and politicians have been selling the idea that the USofA is a democracy. I cringe every time I hear that stated, yet rare is the individual that knows otherwise.

How did this happen?

George Carlin uses ‘rough language’, but he talks about education, why it is the way it is and who runs this country.