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looking up … and not liking it

After six or eight passes over Big Sky Country’s beautiful, clear, blue sky this morning, I decided to do a bit of recording. It seemed likely we were going to take a beating from the United States Air Force today. Shure nuff… as you can clearly see here.

I start off with two of the culprits. Notice the distance from the modern high bypass turbofan jet engines that produce no vapor trail and the chemtrail nozzles that produce the trail we all can see. In the twin-engine plane there is huge space from engines to tail-fin-mounted nozzles. In the four-engine tanker the nozzles are mounted on the main wings, much closer to the engines. It does seem a better disguise.

Now we look at the results from another day on the job for the USAF prostitute pilots.
A bit strong, you say?
They are poisoning the planet for a paycheck.
What do you call that?

Take note of the color around the sun. There is nothing normal or natural about it. That is chemical nano-particles creating an artificial pink/purple/red hue.

One at a time you can watch the chemtrails spread their poison across the sky. On heavy spray days like today, they do the time-lapse photography for you. Here are several trails from fresh to spreading out some.

The little video clip below scans the sky from horizon to horizon and back putting the above photos together in one assembly.

chemtrails laying it on us from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

A while after all of the spray planes left some of the chemical nano-particles assembled themselves into weird chemical amoeba puffers.