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Commiefornia warning label

I peeled another stupid, useless warning sticker off tonight. Aaauuugh! Such unnecessary annoyances. As I wrote last week in sticker removal, if you are not an idiot you don’t need them. If you are an idiot, you cannot read them.

The 800-pound gorilla of insanity is the most populous state of the union. I escaped 19 years ago before lobotomies were required as a term of residency.

Though I have long-term friends as well as family still in residence, they all fit right in. Said another way, they won’t fit in a rational society. Individual recoveries are not impossible, but their trajectories do not bode well for such a turn.

For my money, CLOSE THE BORDER. Give it back to Mexico and Russia. It wasn’t taken legally anyway.

Heck, the Mexicans have figured out a strategy far superior to military invasion anyway. They aren’t far away from dominating the state for dumb-ocracy ruling purposes anyway. The problem with the way this one is headed lies in our welfare state. This taking from the productive and giving to the layabouts is a doomed model society.

We can dream of many solutions, but barring the epic earthquake that dumps everything west of the Sierras into the Pacific Ocean, closing the borders and relinquishing it to Mexico is better for all…

Okay, not exactly better for all, but a huge improvement for the rest of us, and infinitely more equitable.