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Internet addiction

The mega-platforms grew from nothing to huge as if they were sponsored by incredibly powerful big money guys… or were cosmically fortunate. Your choice.

Faceplant, Googoo, Twiddle-dee, Tubular and others offered human interaction without messy humans involved for FREE!

Either you pay for the product or you ARE the product

Their blatant censorship and phalanxes of hired shills is finally costing them market share. There are hints of awareness rising up that heretofore had been frighteningly absent.

In case you are fed up but have not found alternatives, I will share three with you. I walked away from well over a thousand “friends” and haven’t missed the content edited by Palo Alto new-agers one little bit.

I now get my man-on-the-ground news feeds from:

where I am Ted Dunlap

where I am Bitterroot_Bugler

where I am Ted_Dunlap

The Mental Militia
where I am Slidemansailor

and finally a slightly different cat, more business and professional contact oriented, Linked In
where I am Ted Dunlap

I don’t know you well enough to recommend one over another. Look them all over and see what you think. Send me a “Hello” and comment on my blog posts there.

Which brings up the absence of a comments section here. I tried it briefly, but found quickly that it would be a full-time job to edit out the spam, advertising and foul-fingered junk. No thanks. Researching and composing is as far as I want to take this bit.