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Turnout for the Spring 2019 ham radio class first day was outstanding. Icing on the cake is that a highly-knowledgable, skilled, professional teacher is bringing his young son to every class. I could not ask for a better co-teacher.

Sixteen students and two instructors filled the Darby Library meeting room. They came from all over Ravalli County most planning to earn their FCC Technician license, but a few will be testing for the next level, the General class. I’m studying double: their book to insure good mentoring every Saturday plus the Amateur Extra manual so I can take the third and final step up the amateur radio licensing ladder when we all test in May.

My drafted co-teacher came from a big, very active club in Chicago. He brings many great ideas for amateur radio activities to our little Ravalli County club. Nevertheless, he has never seen a class as large as the one we have going in tiny Darby, Montana.

It takes about six students to make my classes interesting for me whether it is organic gardening or amateur radio. Sixteen is downright exciting.