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on being a free man

The difference between doing what you want and doing what you have to do is accomplished simply by wanting to do what you must.

Being ordered to take out the trash, haul firewood, build shelves, shovel snow or rotate the tires are jobs or chores. These are assignments given to children that they may be useful and contribute to family well-being, or to employees who exchange work for pay. However, the free man does these of his own volition in a priority order that makes sense to him. Those with fortunate finances can contract work they are either can’t or don’t want to do themselves. Those with less inspiration are free to live in squalor.

It has always been such. The lazy caveman might get a mate with low expectations or none at all. They all get what they are inspired to get. The good ones reproduce and rear replacements.

Works perfectly until the manipulators get their way. The uninspired are happy to endorse redistribution of results while the producers shoulder the burden of both. Neither of the former know limits, but the workers do.

We are almost there.

It will not be tidy.