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background check nonsense

My ‘pen pal’ from sent me the message below on the background check requirement to purchase firearms. I figure it is good enough to share. 

We kind-of have an idea of the background checks that “protect us” from bad guys getting guns.  Well, at least that is how the congresscritters sold the package.  It is instead just one of the continuing assaults on the natural human right to self defense.

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Here I am again… In your inbox on this cold yet sunny afternoon. At least that’s the weather here in the good ole Show-Me State.

I breach your inbox today to help explain what a background check is and how the state came to decide who can and cannot buy a firearm. I feel this is important as we saw H.R.8 introduced last month and I personally didn’t know the story on background checks, let alone how they work. I also found that I was not the only one who was puzzled on the matter. 

A few quick facts that I found most interesting while researching the topic:

  • This study shows 77% of state prisoners associated with firearm crimes received their firearm through:
    • Theft
    • Black Market
    • Drug Dealer
    • On the Street
    • Friends of the Family
  • This study analyzed 10 years of background checks that occurred in California and found gun homicides and suicides were not affect by background checks i.e. they didn’t work.
  • With more and more states legalizing marijuana but the federal government still recognizing it as a drug, people are seeing instances like what’s happening here in Missouri. Do you want protection or pain treatment?
  • All my “gym bros” can’t own a firearm because anabolic steroids are considered controlled substances. Sorry, Tony, but I hope those “rock-solid pipes” you built can deflect a .223 round coming at you with speeds of 3200 ft/sec. 

As always, please give the article a share if you deem it appropriate and LMK what you think: