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minimum wage

This political cartoon was just too good to pass up. I will want to find it someday, so here it is for future reference.

I talked about it during the 2006 Idaho governor debates. If an employer has a job that someone wants to do there is no third party with business in the transaction.

Entry level jobs are a place where work ethic and employee-employer relations are practiced. They are not intended to be the end of worker development nor wage growth.

The reality of competition works both ways. Customers put downward pressures on prices. Employees must provide profitable service or the business fails.

Congresscritters who face no price pressures, who almost universally have no clue as to operation of a successful business also have no business in wage/performance negotiations.

I ask Democrats, Socialists and their kind,
“If $12 an hour is good, isn’t $50 per hour better?”

They find that ridiculous, but it is simply extending their logic of intervention far enough that the problems become obvious … even to social engineers.