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somebody moved Darby to Grangeville when I wasn’t looking

I haven’t dealt with snow at this level since I lived on the wet side of the Bitterroot Mountain Range. As wet air moves east into mountain ranges that make it go up the moisture is wrung out of it. That is meteoroligical fact from a century of experience.

The west sides of the Sierras, Wasach and Bitterroots have all shown me this in real life, real time. Thus no real surprise a dozen years ago when I had to shovel 8 to 12 inches of snow off my sidewalk and driveway in Grangeville, Idaho, at the foot of the mountians dividing north Idaho from Montana.

At a youthful 58 years old, removing 12 inches of snow on my sidewalks and driveway with a snow shovel was no big deal. A dozen years older and triple the surface area requiring my attention made A LOT of difference.

Fortunately I now have TOOLS.

My neighborhood does not have young people eager to shovel old folks’ snow for a few bucks. We are on our own. So I prepare appropriately…. aka: TOOLS.

I try my best to “let the horsepower do the work”, but there is no dodging that it takes some muscle to make this machine move the snow. After an hour and a half, I was used up. Fortunately so was the full tank of gasoline. I will hit it again tomorrow. Another tank of gas – another bodily abuse.

And then August will come.

We will win.

Feb 25 blowing 14 inches from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.