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19 / 25ths compared to 15 / 16ths

Bonkers title, I know. Bear with me a moment.

Popular professional behaviorists and physiologists figure the male brain to be fully developed by the time they reach 25 or 30 years old; Females at 15 to 16 years old. That fits with the real world I have experienced in near 70 years. Can I say, “Lots of examples?”

I was a late developer, probably leaning more towards the 30 in physical brain development, but nearly double that before I slowed down enough to apply my mental capacities to actually contemplating my world. At 20, a 21-year-old woman figured I was her ticket to the little cottage with white picket fence and a handful of children. I was an easy target. She got her way… briefly. Soon the trajectory in front of me screamed “NO. This is not how my life ends.” To her credit, there were no hard feelings and she allowed my son to have a good relationship with his dad.

I worked briefly in Idaho Department of Corrections. I met a number of really nice guys who fell on the wrong side of the birthday laws. Their girlfriends were minors when these boys passed their 18th birthdays. Parents, coaches, teachers, neighbors, darn-near anybody could vent against that horrible boy “taking advantage of the girl”. Boy goes to prison until he is 30 years old and FOREVER has to register as a “sexual predator”. Girl has to face a few days of questioning glances at school.

Seem fair to you?

Me neither.

One example came up locally with a 15 year old girl and 19 year old boy… the mathematical equation I referred to in the title. Nineteen years into a twenty five year development cycle says the boy’s brain is at 76% of its growth. Fifteen out of sixteen puts the girl at 94% developed.

Boy is probably headed for prison. The girl has her feelings hurt.

Skuze me while I feel some unfairness here.


If only he had been wealthy, a powerful politician, and/or priest, and 60 years old. It would have been okay then.