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precious metals pricing

Real exchanges of physical metals do not determine market prices of gold, silver, platinum and other high-value metals. Pricing is established through exchanges of paper, or more accurately today, computer promises of metal that the buyers and sellers do not own and never will.

The commodities exchange, now called COMEX was established in 1933 as part of their major reset of wealth distribution world-wide. The robber barons fixed it so the elites could take their money and power into the stratosphere while the great masses would have less and less of both due to structural changes they made from 1913 on.

What does a market rigged by the banksters look like? The primary features are prices unconnected to the value of a comodity as well as unrelated to the cost of producing it. This has been true of gold, silver and other precious metals since 1933.

The other significant feature is upward price pressure from buyers and sellers of the physical product with regular smack-downs from those who benefit from artificially low prices. Note the programmed ceiling they have established on gold prices.

It is a reasonably safe bet that this current upward trend will not be allowed to go much over $1,350 per ounce, and furthermore that the smack-down will take it to $1,250, judging from their shrinking ability to drive it down in the face of upward pressure from The Real Thing.

They did almost lose control a few times. As recently as 2011-2012 physical delivery of gold and silver required a premium over their COMEX-listed prices and even then the price was rising steeply, seemingly with no top in sight. The manipulators revamped their programs and began trading ‘paper promises’ at unprecedented volumes to overwhelm physical exchanges by around 99 to 1.

There is a limit. They know it, so they buy physical gold and silver as a hedge against that day … partying on as long as the game lasts.

What can, should we do in this artificial market?

Take their advice. From their actions, not their words.

Take physical delivery of the real, tangible, physical metal while the price is artificially low. Not knowing when the lid will come off means we simply put as much as can fit our budgets away for a future an unknown distance away.

Silver, by the way, is manipulated in synchronicity with gold. That is a rather obvious sign of the artificial nature for both pricings. For thousands of years silver and gold have been stores of value working as money in cultures around the world.

With far greater beneficial uses and much less supply, silver has a tremendous up-side advantage over gold. Over the centuries the ratio of silver to gold values has been 16 or 17 to one. Today it is 83 to one. It will return to historical norms. That alone would take the price of silver from today’s $16 per ounce to $83 per ounce.

When the fraudsters lose control, silver will rise five times as far and fast as gold simply in their functions as real money. Considering the industrial uses and scarcity will take it even closer, perhaps to exceed the ounce-to-ounce value of gold.

If you can only buy little bits today, go for the silver.