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the thinking behind the apparent insanity

American Partisan published an excellent article by one of my favorite authors, Matt Bracken. His excellent books including Enemies Foreign And Domestic, Castigo Cay, and several other really good ones I have read. He has great expertise in the cultural, sociological and warfare aspects of which he writes.

Today I found his American Partisan article adalyzing why the Covington Catholic school boys were badgered by a crowd, how the media turned the incident upside down, the subsequent outing of lamestream’s duplicity and, most importantly, what that means to us today.

I encourage you to pursue the link I placed in the headline and read the whole article.

– Ted

Bracken: Covington Gives a Glimpse of Civil War Two

… what is the overall process currently in play, and where are we on the timeline? I am going to assume that readers of this essay are already familiar with the Dunning-Kruger Effect and the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Summarized, the current Democrat strategy for political victory is to maximize the number of government-dependent morons, in order to overwhelm our national ability to pay for all of the government’s mandated social programs, to thereby collapse the system and bring about a revolutionary political climate. This is taken straight out of the Bolshevik and Alinsky handbooks. Vladimir Lenin supposedly put it this way: “The worse, the better.”

As the government fails to keep up with its social welfare promises, the Democrats will blame their pre-designated scapegoats for every one of their own failures. In the United States, Public Enemy Number One will be older white Christian conservative heterosexual men who will be called obstructionists and saboteurs. Being morons, the Dunning-Kruger Democrats will fall for the party line, and also blame white heritage American scapegoats for the failure of their own party’s utopian promises.

Why will the Democrats push for social welfare programs that are impossible to achieve, that in fact have failed in every other case ever attempted? Because they only care about attaining permanent power for themselves, and this process is a proven method for reaching that goal. The Democrat elites are content to rule the ruins of a failed nation, in perpetuity. And to do so, they will need a convenient scapegoat population to blame for their own failed policies, and that is why they are encouraging identity (racial) politics, as starkly seen in the Covington confrontation. They are preparing their time-tested psychological weapons of mass destruction for the next phases in the ongoing stealth communization process. You may observe the history of Venezuela over the past twenty years to see the entire process carried out from start to finish.

The unexpected election of President Donald Trump indicated to Democrat party leaders that there were still too many white heritage Americans as a percentage of the electorate for them to cement their identity-politics socialist triumph in perpetuity. There are not yet enough moronic Dunning-Kruger Democrats to push the DemSocs over the top in national elections forever…”