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stadium gets the clap

Okay, a bit crude, but as I watched The State Of The Union, it was The Donald speechifying one sentence after another, each followed by ritual clapping with every dang politician there knowing the cameras were rolling.

Not to say the speech was meaningless. Lots of power plays were embedded. Subtle messages were passed.

The “Secure Our Borders” segment deserves multiple replays to watch body, face and eye language.

Holey smokes! Those folks get a super-gym-squats workout popping up and down for obligatory Standing-O’s.

Ohmygosh! the cameras zoom in on the criminal conspirators at amazingly appropriate times. These people look guilty as sin.

Perfect. Trump personalized and focused the border invasion. 266 Thousand arrests… not detentions, but arrests!

I don’t quite get what the women in white are about. That will be clear within a day or two. But what-the-heck are so many of them looking like hookers for?

Rule #1 for politicians: develop callouses on your hands and practice appearing to applaud without abusing your flesh.

He is clearly speaking to an 8th grade audience. Sadly that includes Congress and the people of the USofA.

Pelosi’s dentist should retire. Surely a good one could give her comfortable dentures so she can quit with the mouth gymnastics.

Okay. Message delivered. Women in white oppose limitations on abortion. They SAT united on that subject.

Blowing the feeley-huggey crowd into the tulies, Trump gets the scores out in front of us.

While Trump is waxing philosophically the faces of Congress are clearly mulling the political impacts of going one way or the other. It is all WAR. No good from them can come to us.

Do these people even listen to the address?