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an elephant is like a snake

A good friend of mine spent time as a colonel in the Pentagon among other USofA Army assignments, then proceeded into working with the same folks as a military contractor representative. He is quite confident with his understanding of the military industrial complex. Admittedly it is deeper and more thorough than almost any of us can ever achieve.

But is it comprehensive? Is his expertise unquestionable?

I think not.

Henry Kissinger, a globalist, deep-state-operative near the highest levels said, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

In shock and dismay, we can discount that quotation, but the evidence in real world applications of military force reinforce its veracity.

When he finally realized the harsh truth of his career, Marine Major General Smedley Butler published “War Is A Racket” which outlines how badly he personally, and a quite admirable military machine he worked for had been misused.

World War II was the last time the USofA constitutionally entered a war, yet this country has been at war for almost every day since then, in addition to nearly every year prior. The politicians and financiers like it that way… therefore our boys go kill and die for them.

No, no, no, it is for freedum and dumocracy.

First off, our Constitution defined this country as a Republic. The difference is HUGE.

Secondly, the people whose countries our troops are invading are also fighting for freedom. I’m betting the defenders are more likely correct than the attackers.

Is it somehow better for me to buy my bananas from a USofA-based globalist corporation rather than the company and people who owned those plantations before the US Marines “pacified” it?

I think not.

Oil and other resources are the same darn thing. The marketplace will get it to us either way. The wars over oil-producing geography simply decide which hyper-wealthy person gets richer and more powerful.

Watch the show in Venezuela. You think anybody actually cares about which human rules over the Venezuelan people. Hah!

But you can bet the big players will be jostling for position to harvest the oil out from underneath their impoverished feet.

For freedum and dumocracy, of course.