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more than 50,000 leagues under the sea … I mean really DEEP

99% of us are oblivious.

There is a war on in The Swamp.

More than you can imagine hangs in the balance.

We live in the most interesting times of numerous centuries. 

Sure is a shame that nearly everybody is missing the show…

and thinks that stupid toy in their palms has useful information.


I do not play around on Twitter (or snort phones, for that matter). The following thread came to me via other sources with a history of powerful truths and calculated fictions. Read it through. Clearly I cannot guarantee the veracity of any of it. Use the very real possibilities of horrific, deep, intricate truths to trigger your own looking around.

To imagine that clever, evil people would not combine resources for ultimate power is naive, silly even.

The Fake Media certainly is no source at all. The Internet and your brain can combine to unravel truth from fiction. Use them both.

– Ted