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inside the sausage factory

How would you arrange a fair trial for the den of vipers and thieves that is the DC swamp?

They have been appointing their decadent clones to positions of power for 100 years. The evil is so thoroughly embedded there is not a single feral agency that did not have co-conspirators in the top three levels + … including the entire so called “justice department”.

Just over two years ago, candidate Trump promised to “Drain The Swamp”. Yeah. Right. Impossible we think.

But what if Trump was actually selected by people of the inner-works? What if he was not a lone knight is shining armor, but the spokesman, the front man, the face of a group who was disgusted with the perversion of their agencies, their government and their country, and who hatched a plan to cleanse it?

Instead of doing a JFK exit, this man has survived probably two DOZEN attempts on his life. That is not a magic man, that is instead a very well connected, amazingly competent team at work… with an Olympics-grade poker player as its public face.

The video below gives insight to the depth and breadth of the swamp. As you watch, and the last 10 minutes is probably the most powerful, imagine the Augean-Stable-sized challenge the anti-deep-state insiders faced… and the amazing job they seem to be doing … unsung, and unappreciated except by the .01% thus far.

Take a look at this video below. You can glimpse the picture.