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I have an accumulation of interesting articles and links that just have not been given the time and attention to become complete posts here. It is time for some house-cleaning of those links before they get old. Here is the down payment on that project.

More later.



This horrible harpy is back with her favorite project: preventing honorable people from defending themselves from dishonorable, totalitarian governments. The Armalite Rifle platform (AR-15, AR-10) is now far and away the most popular design in the USofA with hundreds of producers offering every quality and option anyone could imagine.

Interestingly, its use in crime is almost unheard of; statistically near zero. Protecting us is obviously not why they want to make ownership illegal. You can tell who-is-who-at-the-zoo by their jumping on to co-sponsor or otherwise support disarmament of us to the point where they and their hired thugs have a monopoly on power.

They had this same ban in place for a decade as their first step in total disarmament. Their dreamed trajectory failed. Somehow we won that round NO THANKS to the NRA who seem to have accepted the role of lulling us into complacency, but many thanks to the GOA who do the real work of defending our rights of self-defense.


Big Pharma’s Worst Nightmare: Medical Pot Users Quitting Prescription Drug Use
Another survey has been published showing the ability of marijuana to curb the use of dangerous prescription drugs, exposing its schedule one classification as a criminal act.

As Marijuana Moment points out, the participants reported using marijuana for various medical conditions, including chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of them said that cannabis represented an effective and relatively harmless alternative to pharmaceuticals that are conventionally prescribed for their respective conditions.

“In comparison to pharmaceutical drugs, medical cannabis users rated cannabis better on effectiveness, side effects, safety, addictiveness, availability, and cost,” the study found. “Due to the medical use of cannabis, 42 percent stopped taking a pharmaceutical drug and 38 percent used less of a pharmaceutical drug.”


The existence of chemtrails used to be a topic of debate, but they are now being more widely acknowledged by experts like meteorologists to scientists. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny that they exist as more and more people are coming down with illnesses related to chemtrails.

When TV host Rachel Reenstra had trouble overcoming a persistent cough, accompanied by aches, pains, and fever, she visited a doctor. After chest x-rays revealed a type of bronchitis, she was given antibiotics, which only seemed to make her feel worse.

Her doctor told her that lots of bacterial infections are going around, and when she asked him where they are coming from, he told her the truth that many doctors wouldn’t dare reveal to their patients: Chemtrails are at the heart of widespread lung problems right now.

Surprised by his candor, she asked if she could videotape him talking about the phenomenon. You can see the video below; the unnamed doctor appears just before the 8-minute mark.

(Click on the headline link for the whole article WITH embeded video – Ted)

The doctor says he has witnessed hundreds of Californians suffering from this problem, which he calls “chemtrail lung.” 


No electronics in the bedroom:

Any device closer than arm’s length can cause cancer, infertility, and other health concerns, health officials warn

by Russel Davis, guest writer

The California Department of Health issued guidelines highlighting the health risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure, and encouraging the general public to minimize their exposure to it. 

The statewide guidelines came after certain cities such as Berkeley and San Francisco released local warnings that their citizens should make some distance between their mobile phones and their bodies.

Health experts explained that cell phones transmit information using low frequency radio signals that may expose users to unhealthy radiation. 

The risk of exposure may be exacerbated when users stream or download large files, experts said. The guidelines stressed on mounting evidence that cell phone radiation may increase the odds of developing cancer, attention and mental health disorders and reproductive health issues.

“The French have tested the phones the way they are used and RF [radiofrequency] exposure exceeds the French standards by four more times, and apply that to the U.S. standards, it’s even much more than that — about seven times [the recommended levels]… [Multiple studies] show that men who keep phones in their pockets the longest have the lowest sperm count, with most damage,” Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust told Daily Mail online.


Ted note:
My main computer is connected via Ethernet cable with the wireless function turned off. 99% of my telephone use is a land-line. My two-way radios nearly always employ remote antennas. While high, very-high and ultra-high frequency radio signals are part of living in this “modern” world, we can choose to facilitate or reduce the assaults on our bodies.


Dee Mani, Age 44, Cured Triple Negative Breast Cancer – the deadliest form – in 5 Months With CBD Oil After Refusing Chemo

Daily Mail reports:

A mother-of-two claims she has cured her aggressive breast cancer by taking one drop of cannabis oil every day.

Dee Mani, 44, refused chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer – deemed the deadliest form – and instead opted to try CBD.

Ms Mani, from Birmingham, found a lump in her breast in March 2017 and soon after was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Of course, her doctors offered her chemotherapy which is standard medical treatment. However, Dee refused because it failed to keep her sister alive. She decided to break out on her own and studied alternative medicine. That’s when she found out about cannabis oil and its accompanying claims.


You need to know what the gubbermint enforces against us (and who profits from it):

Schedule I drugs are those that have the following characteristic according to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA):

The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical treatment use in the U.S.
It has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.
According to federal law, no prescriptions may be written for Schedule I substances, and they are not readily available for clinical use.

Until those who served other masters came on the scene, the collage to the right was the state of medicinal cannabis use in our free country.

With technology of the last couple decades, imagine how much cannabis could have contributed and what we could have learned from its unfettered use.

But, of course, Big Pharma and Major Medical would have failed to realize extraordinary profits.

Today most states “ALLOW” use of an extracted portion of the whole plant. I have no reason to believe the refined subset of nature’s gift is an improvement over the as-delivered product. but I use what I can and have cured several of my own skin cancers quite undramatically with CBD oil.