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Trump visits Texas

Trump visits the border.

The barrier to unfettered immigration is a big deal this month. Typical tactical Trump goes to the heart of the matter, drawing public attention to the problem and the people who are dealing with it on a daily, up-close-and-personal basis.

Nice tactically, and very good for the security of we the little people who inhabit this joint.

Amazing to me is the physical risks The Donald takes and immense trust he displays in the Secret Service and others who work to keep him alive. The forces he is challenging are the same ones who killed Lincoln and Kennedy (both of the Kennedys, actually).

This really appears to be a charmed life to me. I expect one of the numerous assassination attempts that have failed so far to morph into the one that gets lucky. But they keep on exposing him to adoring crowds where he presses the flesh and welcomes his fans.

Crazy risky. But it keeps working. I don’t know how. But I admire him and those who somehow keep him alive. Unique. The Secret Service and associates are definitely working intensely for US.

Meanwhile, he is smoking the anti-American left.