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I am confident it will blow. Too many aspects of our socio-political world are at the brink and some with significant velocity heading towards their particular precipice. When, how much, and which ones are unknowns, but The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) is coming soon.

I watch a lot of indicators. Knowing early is important.
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The prices of gold and silver are controlled by the major players in the COMEX, the commercial metals exchange market. Over 95 percent of the trades are paper promises, unrelated to the actual metal.

The biggest criminal organizations in the world keep these prices artificially low for a number of reasons, all related to their wealth and power. This tells us two things. One, we should have some of this stuff for when The S actually hits the fan. But number two is what I’m talking about here. When the price climbs dramatically next time, I do not think they can stop it. Gold and silver prices will go where the real physical market takes them.

That will be the end of their current fiat currencies. Which is to say the dollars we hold and exchange will plunge into their final death spiral.

[Most Recent Quotes from]What will that look like? How do you use these indicators?

They almost lost it in 2011/2012. Gold and silver prices were streaking upwards and nobody was even accepting exchanges at the COMEX price. Physical gold and silver demanded a significant “premium” over the paper prices. And those prices were climbing at a dizzying speed. Gold approached $2,000 per ounce and silver $50 in their rigged paper-trade market; much higher to get the physical product.

They responded by flooding the market with paper trades at unprecedented rates, and have been playing whack-a-mole with it ever since. That will break down… along with a lot of other things.

When you see the next upwards streak in these markets,
fasten your seatbelts and put your trays in an upright position.
We are going for a ride.