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Think your weight loss program is behind?

The failure to achieve our desired weight/fitness goals can be debilitating. I have known some who simply gave up. Mobility, vigor, physical competence were all beyond their reach … ever. They just gave up.

Well few of you have as far to go as Kasey King.

Look at your situation and imagine that you started losing weight at 700 pounds and are already half-way to healthy.

Or give up and head towards matching him.

I turned a corner when faced with switching my entire wardrobe to XL. NO! Where does that stop? I revolted prior to becoming revolting… dropped from 220 to 180. Still 10 or more over ideal, but close enough to remain active at my advanced age.

I can’t imagine my often-tender knees carrying more freight than they currently complain about. Glad I did not challenge them there. Once in a while I think about the 40 pound bag of Costco dog food feeling moderately heavy and realize I carried that extra weight all day, every day, everywhere.

Dang, I feel lucky to have lost that burden.