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gender benders run amok

This poor confused boy is not really the problem. Lots of teenagers are confused about many aspects of life. But have societies degraded so far there are pockets in the USofA with NO ADULTS PRESENT?

This might be understandable in California or Massachusetts, but this boy won the Texas GIRLS state wrestling championship two years in a row. You mean to tell me there are now only two genders in Texas, women and eunuchs?

Where did the men go?

The man parts, testicles and prostate, produce testosterone … which has distinctly anti-feminist characteristics. This is a major part of what separates girls from boys. That is not to say superior or inferior, these differences simply EXIST.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In male humans, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass

So whoever is influential in this confused boy wrestler’s life should help him to a full decision. Surgically remove your testicles and prostrate or wrestle with other boys… fair and square… well, it would be fair after a few years without the physical performance enhancements of testosterone.

I wish all those new-age feely-huggy gender-benders would think as much about the real girls who worked hard to be decent wrestlers as they do about this aberration who willingly sacrificed his honor and integrity for a pewter medal or two. How many testosterone-deficient girls lost in unfair match-ups with this pansy and his co-conspirators completely contorting the rules?

Were my daughter to be facing this match-up, she would not wrestle that day. Forfeit in that situation has greater honor than participation.

Were I the coach of a team faced off against this mixed-gender “girls wrestling team” I would introduce “Tina” (photo to the right). “She says she is a teenage girl and none of us are brave enough to challenge her on it.” Rules makers, judges and whoever else are masquerading as adults can wrestle with this challenge to their acceptance of all.

The little boy who has enjoyed beating up on girls can smell wrestling mat up close and personal for a while.

It goes well beyond that. Real women, mothers, grandmothers should all be MILITANT against this abuse of high school girls. The kids deserve fair match-ups in contests arranged by the government-monopoly school system. “We turn our girls over to you and THIS is what you do to them?” You sacrifice ALL girls for this one confused kid?

As I mentioned, where are the real men, the dads? What is our role, fellas? Are we not designated as the protectors of our families? You emasculated Texans let this happen to girls in your communities? Shame on you all.

Unfortunately, it is not just Texas. The man on the far right thinks it is cool to play womens’ football… and the magistrates in Britain are cool with it.

I couldn’t find the photo, but have seen one where the boy is blasting through as a star runner in USofA high school girls’ football. It was a while ago, so I cannot even remember which state.

Come-on parents, adults, thinking people … if this is happening near you, take action.

If I am the coach of a girl’s high school football team preparing to face a mixed-gender competitor, I show up with the complete boys’ varsity squad who on that occasion identify as girls and instruct them to make darn sure the boy in question feels what he has been dishing out.

If one can stroke their ego by sacrificing their honor, politics, not sports is the established venue for that.