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Get to, or fast forward to 38 minutes in. These two real experts get rolling.

I actually recommend start to finish. This video is a recap of 2018 that you will never see the likes of anywhere or anytime.

Another slam-bammer is one hour in. Dang this thing is full of heavy hitting stuff, but the big bangs are scattered throughout.

A years-worth of lamestream media, all the big names CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN … NONE of what they have shown for a full year can add up to the impact of this video.

A major socio/political point is made at 1:05:00 IF these guys are not prosecuted for the crimes of that day, “I don’t know how we will ever re-establish the rule of law in this country.”

1:15 Dave Janda KILLS Obama-Care … from the inside out.

Holey Smokes! at 1:22:00 in, Dave Janda gets animated. I have seen many interviews with Dave, but NEVER have I seen him so passionate… and his rant is aimed precisely at people I love to hate. Dang this is good.

The WAR is so much bigger than most of us know. An hour and half in the REALLY BIG PICTURE comes into play. Jeeze, bigger than I have ever heard expressed with solid backing. Not quite new to me, but with such solid backing is fresh.

Let’s talk about the news you get: 1:55:00

An hour and 50 minutes in we touch the third rail of election fraud. Can it go on forever. Perhaps not.

Give it the time.

It packs a wallop.