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Why is everything so expensive?

When I whine about the price of some cool tool, groceries or other useful item, my wife always throws my words in my face:

It is not that the price of anything has gone up, but that the dollar is worth less.

Our measurement device is our dollar. What does it take to earn one and what does it buy? If your yardstick is soft rubber, it tells you next to nothing. That is where we are today.

Look at that chart. Until about 1950 a penny was real money. There was even a coin called “a mill”, which was on tenth of a cent or one thousandth of a dollar. I mean a real coin that was carried, counted and spent. Today a penny is revered less than a mill was in 1950.

Common parlance says the value of the dollar has been “lost”. That is woefully inaccurate.

The value of the dollar has been stolen.

In 1913, Woodrow Wilson and a complicit, bought-and-paid-for Congress GAVE control of the USofA dollar to exactly half a dozen international bankers who then proceeded to steal 97% of every dollar on Earth. Nice deal if you are one of the six. Not so good for the other 327,000,000 living in the USofA today, plus the other trillion or so who have been robbed by these charlatans for generations.

Darn it, I am being too circumspect. The Feral Reserve Act of 1913 was not GIVING the USofA dollar to the banksters, it was selling it. As in sold out. As in corrupted, selfish sociopaths … exactly like the occupants of Congress today.

Dang flock of sheep gather together to anoint rather ridiculous rulers over themselves … and, unfortunately, over those of us who understand the scam.

At least inasmuch as we cannot avoid.