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Fred on everything

Today I am suggesting you visit Fred On Everything .org.
His latest essay is on the insanity that is the current feminist craze. He nails it, as he often does.
I give you a teaser and a link.
Go looksee.

Fred Dworkin vs. the Sisterhood: Defending Women Against Bat-Brained Viragos

Today’s “Left” is the party of Bill and Hill, of George Soros and the half-educated narcissists of Hollywood rolling in dough, of excessively comfortable academics and the media, all of whom use ethnic minorities as voting fodder but want nothing to do with them. When do you think was the last time Hillary or Megyn Kelly was in a truck stop or Legion hall, or had dinner in a restaurant where most of the diners were black?

The Left is now hostile to working men, called “deplorables” in an unwise moment of honesty by Hillary. Can you imagine Saul Alinsky or Leon Trotsky worrying about transgender bathrooms or cultural appropriation? And it is a weirdly teenage Left in which most seem ten or fiftten years younger that their chronologic age. Oh good.

But now, feminists. They sound as crazy as Aunt Prudence, who thought she was a geranium, and we used to keep in the attic.

Feminists say they represent women. Oh? What possible reason do they have for thinking this deelusion? They have almost nothing in common with (most) women. Almost all feminists are of the extreme Left. Few women are. Feminists seem to be predominantly lesbians. Few women are. Most women want to marry (men) and have children. Few feminists do or will. Feminists are heavily invested in identity–i.e., bloc–politics, and think women should vote the straight femme ticket. When this doesn’t happen, they babble about “traitors to their gender.” In fact most women are independent agents who make up their own minds. Note the fifty-three percent of white women voted for Trump.