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shot placement

I have spent significant time with shooters and instructors thereof. There is much to know and always more to learn. Then of course there is practice, practice, practice. Having the right equipment is agreed by all to be a critical foundation.

But there is a major factor they all leave out that is far more important than everything they teach.


The world’s best shooting team is useless in the wrong place. A gaggle of tolerable shooters, acceptably equipped, in the right place is far more valuable.

Surprisingly, almost none of the tacti-cool shooters and trainers I have met are radio guys. They strive and drive to get themselves and their shooters to put bullets on target in a wide array of situations, but never touch the subject of knowing good targets from non-targets, finding targets in your area of operations, becoming aware of approaching threats, and other aspects of defense that are answered with communication.

preparedness = right place, right time, right gear, right talent

getting it there = radios

I recognize my utility in community defense is not going to be much as the tactical guy running and gunning. Younger men are going to do that better than I can on my best days. But I can do radio as well as most and far better than those who will give it no thought until they desperately need comms.

Therefore I learn about radio, select appropriate gear, study manuals, learn from experts, set up various radios, test, fail, rework, practice, practice, practice.

I can shoot as well as many, but my highest value to our community is as The Radio Guy.