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11-11 good news AWOL

The Q posts led me to believe big things were going to happen on Armistice Day, the 100 year anniversary of ridiculous war to make the super rich even richer and more powerful by killing poor folks. Renaming it to celebrate the biggest suckers in their bloody plays doesn’t change it for me, though I did cheerfully take advantage of a 15% discount for veterans at the farm store.

After poring over the news all day Sunday I find no big thing anywhere. Here is some of what I did see.

Directed Energy Weapons continue fanning “inexplicable” flames in USofA and Europe. More people are waking up. More evidence is being brought to the public and to the puzzled firefighting professionals. No perpetrators threatened yet. No movement towards shutting this down.

Chemtrail planes blanket the sky over my head while HARP beams channel weather in unnatural clockwise and straight-line channels throughout the Pacific and continental USofA. Geoengineering accelerating. No end in sight.

Another comprehensive expose’ released of who-dun-what on 9-11-01. “This time we really have proof”. Sigh. Again? I continue to wait. Not so much patiently, but more like, “I will be both surprised and impressed”. When Giuliani goes down for the biggest crime scene destruction in history I will know progress has been made.

Possible plan to murder POTUS on 11-11. Secret Service alerted. Trump does not go where he was scheduled to go. Media critical of that decision would have found something to be critical of if he had gone. That band only knows one tune. Yawn.

The Harpy tests the waters for another run to be POTUS in 2020. I say “Go for it”. Age, decadence, criminality, public awareness and lost power of their voting machine will conspire to make the next run even more of a failure than the last. The more positive publicity the presstitutes give her today the greater their fall from positions of trust as her reputation unravels and the weaker the socialist, statist, deep-state when they finally give up having her bust on the bow of their ship.

Blatant November 6th voter fraud reports flooding in from coast to coast. Okay. We knew that was going to happen. Take-downs are what I want to read about. Many of us have known about these for many election cycles. This is supposed to be the election where these merry bands find justice. I am still waiting.

Democrat fraud operatives doubling down all over the place. Their rigging didn’t work in some places. They are retro-fitting wherever they can. I am hoping, dreaming, wishing they are walking into traps. But, dang, I wanna see some heads roll. I can appreciate allowing time for more sociopaths to slip their necks into nooses, but
what happened to giving us SOMETHING we can smile about
on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month?