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fraud alerts

Once again, the Internet contains the only reliable sources of news. Of course it co-inhabits the space with fake news, but having both halves puts it way ahead of lamestream with its exclusively fake news.

My sources are pointing to many blatant anomalies in important areas. I am not putting links to the long series of reports, because it is too early for me to be convinced of which stories will turn out to be irrefutable true and comprehensive. I am suggesting, however, that you turn the power up on your BS Detectors and trust less than usual in key areas.

Shooting events may be staged; not real.

Stories are conflicting. Photos of crisis actors used in prior events are showing up. Victim, villain and hero details are fishy. Potential election fraud can use a media distraction for cover. Anomalies are stacking up. Wait a few more days before you believe what we are being told.

Election fraud battle ramping up.

This is looking a lot like “the usual suspects”, but this time there is a new sheriff in town. As Idaho Libertarian Party chairman, I helped with Michael Badnarik’s 2004 presidential election campaign. We hosted him in our house several times over the next few years, and staged numerous events for him. He regaled us with stories of blatant election rigging, such as 150% of the adults in certain districts voting 100% Democrat. That has only grown worse in the ensuing years.

The Trump Team may be using 2018 as election-fraud sting operation

The anti-deep-state has been planning for more than a decade to disrupt the trajectory we have been on. They are certainly more aware than I of widespread election fraud. Any hope of unseating the psychopaths has to include taking down their criminal re-election machine. Part of that involved removing their protectors in FBI, CIA, Dept. of inJustice and hundreds of other power positions. Enough of that has been done that The Sting can take place.

The governorships and senate were important. The House seemed important, but was actually bait to catch the big fish. While house majority owned the committees that have been most dangerous to the swamp creatures, It was that way deliberately, keeping the more powerful senate in reserve. The Team focused on winning what they needed and let the Dumb-o-crats hang themselves on the house race.

Q asked citizens to watch for and report any suspicious poll activity. Agents were in place. The stage was set. The machinery of corruption did not see the hook. Their long history of success made them sloppy.

THIS is the real show.