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A lot can be learned from Trump tweets and Q-anon posts. We look at the election results as Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate, some state governorships, but lost control of the House to the Democrats. Lamestream media bobbleheads were characterized by one viewer as talking about the wonderful, exciting Democrat party victory, but when he turned off the sound, the body language was all tears and anguish.

So was it a win or a loss?

Turns out it may have been a fishing trip.

The senate and gubernatorial races were important to continuing THE PLAN. The House no longer matters much, so was used as bait. Methods were put in place to catch election fraud with prosecution in mind. True to form, foolish criminals took the opportunities dangled in front of them hook, line and sinker.

Pelosi, incredibly uglier inside than out, is scheming and dreaming about the trouble she can be with another term as Speaker of the House. Trump is laughing and openly taunting her with how he looks forward to exactly that. So while they are playing checkers or bingo, there is a fish fry in the offing.

Q tells us to expect big things 11/11.

The Q posts are quite cryptic. That fascinates and excites many of the followers. Fortunately there are some who offer decent interpretations thereof. I include a couple good ones below, with links to their sources.


Anon There WAS a red wave. Did you see it? (QRV)

There WAS a red wave yesterday. Did you see it? You probably weren’t looking at the whole picture.

Just because you didn’t see it (other than maybe in the Senate), doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. This has been the plan all along.

Q asked us to do our part and vote. We did that. All along the Dems kept saying there was going to be a blue wave. How do you stop a blue wave? You use a red wave. In physics, this is called “destructive interference”. The two waves crashing into each other can cancel each other out, but only if the waves (which are out of sequence with each other) are exactly equal in energy. Otherwise, one will only disrupt the other.

Imagine if we had not done our part and voted. Would there have been a blue wave? Yes. By Patriots getting out and voting in a mid-term the way that we did, we disrupted the blue wave. Our red wave was to counter the blue wave, and believe it or not. It DID. Q knew this.

Just because we didn’t keep the majority in the House, does not mean we lost. Watch what the Dems do now! Now they are going to show the world their true colors even more. Their arrogance and overconfidence will just add to their undoing. (These people are stupid. Q)

But, think about something else too. Why was Q so adamant about contacting authorities over suspicious voting practices? If the two waves coming together typically cancel each other out to some extent considering their strength, where did they gain their seats? How did they do that? (There were many scenarios that occurred. DIG!)

We kept the Senate. We will now get the judges. We have the southern border protected by the troops. Pay attention to the chess game. The pieces are being positioned! It’s all about strategy.

Keep the faith. Trust the Plan.