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the fork in today’s road

Today is USofA election day, and the world is watching. The incredible 2016 shift in power surprised nearly everyone in the international, awake community. Most knowledgeable observers expected the deep state to do The Donald Takedown one way or another in response. Incredibly, the Trump team continues its thus-far mostly hidden progress against the hideously corrupt rulers that preceded them.

I view “Trump” as a brand name not indicative of who is driving this bus. That is why I use “The Trump Team”. It seems they recruited him as the right man for the figurehead and public face job assignment, then they set him up, and continue to work tirelessly to keep him alive and progressing on their prime mission of swamp draining. I do not say this in awe of supposed altruism on their part, but they certainly have committed their lives now.

Republican retention of both congressional houses today will indicate strong, widespread support for the current trajectory. Much in the way that the Ron Paul for President campaign brought new voters to political activism, support for The Trump Team’s attacks on the entrenched ruling party is inspiring lifetime non-voters to sign up and VOTE straight-line Republican.

THE MONEY is pouring into Democrat campaigns with their advertising budgets clearly way higher than Republican. It not only seems like their lives depend on it, many of them literally do. Synchronicity in lamestream media is unabashedly full-court-press Democrat. Even the social media and Internet giants are immodestly piling on with blatant, widespread censorship.

In spite of that, the prior presiding psychopaths are hedging their bets by also investing heavily in civil war of the violent kind. That is their backup plan. Peacefully accepting defeat is not. As we will see in the next few months, again, their lives depend on it.

Humans naturally tribe-up with culturally compatible people. Libertarians do not tend to spend a lot of discretionary time with socialists or other statists. The converse is true. Communities, our circle of friends and those we spend social time with are primarily of similar mind-sets. Thus we are always surprised and disappointed when election results do not reflect our personal circle of humanity.

Famously, in the 2016 election, the people who had rigged the polls, election coverage and in many cases the vote tallying itself were confident of The Win … and incredibly shocked by the loss. They not only believed their setup was plenty good enough, but they believed their own hype and, heck, everybody they knew were right there with them.

In my circle of acquaintances in both meta-space and meat-space, people coming out of lifetimes of non-participation are voting Republican. We could be on the verge of a landslide. In my fantasies, an epic defeat that eliminates the Democrat party as we know it … dustbin of history time … 🙁 sadly, the center of corruption will quickly infect the new dominant political force.

BUT the swamp creatures will not sink peacefully into their tar pit. The increasingly violent protests, paid for by corrupt money, will take a major turn towards much, much more in quantity and impact.

Hang on. Martial law may be the only thing to put a lid on the explosion.

Not in The Bitterroot or other places similarly dominated by bedrock-type people, but the cities will get ugly… arriving to one side or the other of uninhabitable. Martial law could be a welcome relief.

For those of us who think we will be on the sidelines, give some thought also to how stuff gets to our homes from where it is created. Products, transportation and the methods we use to pay for stuff could all encounter major, long-term or even permanent disruption.

It will be a heckuva show.