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Killing the Mockingbird

Q – Killing The Mockingbird from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

Q is a group of patriots who were in the right place at the right time with the skills, courage and motivation to do battle with The Deep State.

We are in the middle of that war.

We are important participants.

In under five minutes this video describes the situation and one of the roles we need to play in it. I copied it to my Vimeo channel as insurance against having it removed or made inaccessible in its native site.

This particular front is over our sources of information, and therefore the hearts and minds of us all.

The criminal cabal is losing, but will do everything in their power to win with no concern at all for the immediate or future costs to humans or our planet.

They must lose on Tuesday. This election matters more than most. So far it is looking good.

But if they do indeed fail to win a majority in either the House or the Senate, violence will be their only remaining weapon. Be ready for that.

Their media monopoly tools now include Internet censorship on the major platforms. Humans and programmed algorithms remove all conservative names and phrases. They have not figured out how to do that if those are in the form of “memes” or pictures… like the ones below.

If any of these speak to your feelings, please share it wherever you can.