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post-graduate economics and political science class

Greg Hunter has a fascinating interview with Dave Janda.

This is graduate-school level economics made readily available to non-economists.

The biggest revelation in here is a theory on why Trump shifted from outsiders to the bankster community for filling positions in his administration. Janda theorizes that he was going to chain them to the ship. If it sinks, they do too.

Not only possible, but really dang clever.

Then we get in around 16 minutes to a discussion of The Fed VS The Donald. Dang powerful stuff. No prior president has pointed out the elephant in the room. I am betting the banksters are not prepared for this. “Holey smokes! Now what do we do, Ollie?”

27 minutes in Dave exposes MAJOR SCALE fraudulent accounting practices that protected Deep State criminals since 1933, and ramped up dramatically under Bush in 2006.

44 minutes has a discussion of the Supreme Court confirmation fiasco … and its turning point ramifications.

47: Deep State alarm bells go off bing-bing-bing

53: Those pretending to be riding the blue wave are drowning in a blue tsunami. I really dislike the corrupted color code crap, but that these people are flailing is a clear picture.

100: The impact of the Rod Rosenstein kerfuffle and his ride on Air Force One. This totally freaked out the deep state … for good reason.

1:11: The Kavenaugh court as the first domino. Now the rest can start falling.

1:15 When the heads finally start to roll … sealed indictments start becoming unsealed, real charges hitting the bad actors.

Throughout the conversation, the phrase “control file” is tossed about. This is exemplified by Bill Clinton’s First Lady being caught using FBI, CIA, IRS files and resources in ‘her White House office’ to attack their enemies. This was in mainstream media for a few days before the President ordered USAF to bomb Kosovo so they could have fresh headlines, then turned the investigation into a titillating Oval Office oral sex story that got him impeached, but let off.

1:23 The takedown begins …

1:39 We have not won, but we are winning.