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When we win, they will get violent

The globalists have responded to the shocking breakdown of their well-documented election manipulation by redoubling their efforts at controlling all media to include as much of the Internet as they can. The big ones, the “tech giants” were with them all along. They came out f their closets to openly, blatantly promote totalitarian brown-shirts and silence those preferring liberty, the constitution, or even democracy.

Resorting to violence is the other big change they have made. It works particularly well in cities where the mayor is one of theirs. This tactic will not survive the transition to more conservative locations. It will, however, get more violent. Many of us who are reluctantly prepared for self-defense will be drug into the violence.

They are hoping for a significant Democratic Party win November 6th. If that fails; if traditional USofA values win the election, the violence will be initiated. Brace for it. Prepare for bad news.

Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger” explains more thoroughly in the video below.

It seems like our preparations are about to be tested.

Imagine the circumstances under which you would not only accept, but welcome martial law. That’s a tough one for me. I don’t think I will ever get there, but I did quite deliberately move to a location with a strong self-sufficiency ethic. Most of what he shares in this video is relevant to more populated, or differently-populated areas. Yet it would be foolhardy to think we will suffer no negative impacts.

Use your imagination.

Plan appropriately.