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A phrase we often apply to autumn weather certainly applies to USofA national politics, which in turn applies to our economy and everything the military-industrial-complex touches. For the last sixty years every single congressional, judicial and executive administration has accumulated additional power. Incoming ones NEVER relinquish one iota, but further the centralization. Thus a distributed republic turns into an oligarchy.

Central banking, that is centralized control of the entire monetary system consolidates power like nothing else can. International banksters move themselves to the top of the top. Several levels down lies the figurehead we know as POTUS – the President Of These United States. Just like the figurehead on sailing ships, everything about the ship follows the figurehead, which in and of itself has no power or control over anything.

November 2016 something changed. There was a glitch in the regular procession of power. Now many of us are learning that the figurehead elected then was attached to the bow of a different ship. I am not saying this new power behind the throne is ideal, but any disruption in the trajectory we were on is an improvement. This historic warp in The Force has delayed, and/or disrupted seriously ugly events… perhaps for a long time.

As the ousted cabal loses more and more of their embedded bit-part players, those remaining become increasingly shrill and desperate. The war is far from over, but those two ships are issuing broadsides at their enemies as fast as they can. This is the show we are witnessing.

The recently dethroned forces are providing cash incentives, controlled lamestream publicity and logistical support for an army hop-scotching north to the southwestern USofA border. They had planned to use the power of their long-controlled central government to facilitate this invasion and subsequent takeover, take-down of our country. The new bosses don’t want that to happen. In this instance and on this subject I completely agree with the latter group.

The Bilderberg Group thinks their migratory army is a win-win plan. Using near-infinite money printed out of thin air, they greased the skids all the way to the border where within a week preceding our November 6th election the enemy Republicans will be forced to either physically restrain the incoming army or fail to do so. Lamestream media will crucify them either way. In their script the masses then vote in a Democratic Party majority in at least one house of congress. The takedown they were enduring suffers a major hiccup.

Yesterday their army pulled in to Huixtla, Mexico … 2,500 miles from the USofA border, or 125 days at reasonable walking pace… just in case you thought they were actually taking this journey on foot as the lamestream media portrays.

For the preceding week our Montana skies over my head have had very heavy spray plane traffic along with the tell-tale ripples in the clouds from HARP bursts. Then I saw radar/satellite composites for a couple days where the natural northern-hemispherical counter-clockwise rotation was reversed in two massive storm cells. The bigger one of those whipped up Hurricane Wilma and headed it into central Mexico.

Interesting. It appears that the geoengineering force is now guided by the new ship’s crew. This hurricane certainly does not help hustle the migrant crisis to our border. We know the team guiding the Trump ship is clever. They have consistently outsmarted their ossified predecessors.

Could acts of nature be the weapon that heads off this crisis?

They cannot accuse the Trump Administration of this without admitting they have been manipulating weather for quite some time … including multiple record-breaking destructive weather events world-wide.

Heckuva show.