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false flag plan

Extremely popular by those whose lust for power has no limits are attacks on their own people that are staged to be blamed on the enemies of the wannabe rulers. When they control the media it works every time. Today THEY are not in control of certain aspects of the Internet. Thus their false flags as well as their totally staged theatrical events are exposed to any who seek the truth.

Their true faithful will follow their leaders straight to H E double-toothpicks, but their numbers are shrinking, and rapidly becoming inconsequential. The wobblers are their only hope, but the show better be a good one.

SaveFaceBook, twiddle-dee, googoo and Yewtewb have joined lamestream media in the fake news business, abandoning any semblance of honor, integrity and service to their customers. However, in this brief moment of technology they have yet to control we have alternatives. They do not have a monopoly on information. One such replacement is It is much like a Twitter outside the control of Deep State operatives.

Very much like first starting out with any user-driven forum, you have to establish links and make connections before it will do a lot for you. When I turned my back on the manipulated platform where I had over 1,000 “friends”, it was a bit barren at first. I am much more than satisfied with the results of what little effort I had to put in to new contacts and threads.

Another free-for-all news source is VOAT.CO where unrestricted participants post news, opinion or any dang thing they want and others get to add, detract, comment, ignore or anything else they choose to do with the information. A little experience with this tool will lead to some interesting and valuable sources of information.

I share one example with you here. The link to the thread is below.  As you can see, threads at VOAT carry many links within them leading to supporting news sources… or outlandish ones.  If you need someone to do your thinking for you, this is not the place to go. On to the false flag warning thread.

and the first bit of what follows:

[–] 14552424? 22 points (+22|-0)  ago 

One of their own rallies? So that is 14 people in a room with a microphone?

Not to be a sarcastic SOB, but is this being spread around pro-Left/Dem chans, or in Pro-Trump chans?

[–] 14554808? 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

This is the first time I’m hearing of this. I too would like to know

[–] 14555089? 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Yeah their rally members are are paid by Soros…

A poor MKU’d zombie, son of some asshole in the Military Industrial Complex. Faceberg and @Jack have already manufactured his social media and filled it with Q, Infowars, 4 Chan, Stormer shit; There’s an NRA membership card in his wallet, and a ‘manifesto’ next to the bomb-making supplies provided to him by an undercover FBI agent in his mom’s basement. A go fund me is already established waiting in the wings along with David Hogg.

Dems playbook…

Unfortunately you are probably spot on!

Not probably though, definitely

They are planning a false flag at one of their own rallies? It fits their pattern- Portland and Charlottesville come to mind. If it happens, it will be in a place under blue control- probably blue state, and most cities are blue to begin with.

I’ve also worried very much about an assassination attempt on Trump at one of the many rallies he is holding. I’m sure the Secret Service has a good handle on things, but good to stay vigilant and pray anyway!

I think the point here is not that POTUS is at risk but more so one of their own to become a sympathetic victim with the blame placed on us.

Yes, sorry I misread the original post and edited while you were replying.

Also a major warning.

A couple weeks ago a story broke about Antifa getting ready to use acid attacks. If this happens, make them drink this shit if caught. Make them spray this shit own faces. Let’s see how long this attack will last.