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weather modification science

As we know from looking up, our own experience, articles at this website and dedicated research publishers like Global Skywatch, some insanely powerful people are killing Mother Earth. Twenty years as an independent contractor working outdoors for a living made me quite the weather watcher. When I ditched television 30 years ago I turned to the Internet for weather information from radar, satellite, meteorologists along with my own study of meteorology.

It has changed. We can see it in the satellite images, in extreme record-breaking weather events and regional “inexplicable” natural disasters such as plant and animal die-offs.

But it is ‘splicable.

The video below covers the science being used, mis-used. Sudden area-wide die-offs rarely show up in the lamestream media new-world-order propaganda machine. This is their weather weaponry and they sure as heck aren’t going to tell us about it. But the information is available to us.

I will say the presentation started a bit slow for me, but 20 minutes in and the 30 minute video became hugely enlightening – even to this semi-pro weather watcher. That last ten minutes would not have worked if I did not understand the first 20 … much of which was old-knowledge to me. Thus the package brings together a great program of solid science and ends with an call to action for each of us to help slow them down.