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violence and martial law likely in our future

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, and creator of Natural News is s serious student of our natural world as well as our socio-political world. That he is an extremely effective Good Guy can easily be proven by the facts that YouTube, Twitter, Google and Facebook have shut his voice off as well as they can.

That is peachy-keen for them in the short run, but the technological world we inhabit includes choices. We now need, each of us, to build our own sources of information independent of the wanna-be media monopolists. In Mike’s video below he mentions,, and as good starting points in that direction. If you have been hanging out at my website for more than a little while you will have links to a number of alternatives I have suggested as well. I have to admit, though, I just added his news source recommendations to my bookmark list.

In this first video I share on this post, he discusses the increasing violence of the politicos’ pawns. This game has been played out hundreds of times in the last two centuries. It is nothing new. The low-level idiots are also ancient actors in the play. So are we, that is playing roles as old as violent revolutions.

Our roles are to be prepared for the storm.

The video below is a half-hour in-depth look at how ingrained The Deep State was and lays out the painful surgery required to excise that infection.

It is very important for us to understand what it might take to get our country back. Many of us figure the civil war The Bilderberg Group has worked to create will happen. The violence will be The Takers VS The Producers. But it may well be more complicated.

Whereas the honorable, patriots, preppers, libertarians and such by nature automatically resist armed forces of THE STATE, there too, it may be not so simple.

I’ll let him share his view here.

These are all hints at what the Red October metaphor Trump and Q are talking about just might mean.

Physical, mental, and emotional preparation are really good ideas right about now.