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Red October

The Team has begun throwing the “Red October” phrase in front of us. I am convinced it is a relative to “The Storm” which has been alluded to for several months now.

The Plan has great potential to destroy, or at least severely disrupt The Deep State which had grown complacent in its ability to mold the world to their sick, self-serving design.

Ironically, and beautifully, their tools of powerful electronics and total surveillance fully intended to put us under their thumbs now come to haunt them as Q announces, “We have everything”. That is like the lost e-mails, Uranium One, the Lolita Express, pedophile island, satanist worship, primary rigging, election rigging … and so much more.

Guilty, guilty, guilty. As long as they controlled the alphabet agencies, the media, the money and the levers of power in the world, there was no problem with their guilt being stored in The Cloud, or NSA data centers, or anywhere else. However, what is likely to be coming out soon may inspire pitchforks, torches, tar, feathers and anything else a violated public might throw at them.

Plan B would have been necessary if Hitlary had been handed the presidency. It would have been ugly – violent, deadly, troublesome-to-all kind of ugly. But real votes for Trump overwhelmed rigged counts and Soros-company-programmed voting machines. While it didn’t look overwhelming to the casual observer, likely half of the Hitlary votes were fake. Trump probably received 70% of the real ones.

The Deep State was shocked, but failed to correctly assess the depth of their problem; the source of their loss. Now they are beginning to get it. I am thinking and hoping it is too little too late.

While events and timing continue to unfold in unexpected ways, FERSHUR The Deep State has to take serious hits before the November elections. They cannot be allowed to take back the majority in either house of Congress.

Thus, references to Red October indicate someone might get bloodied this month… or A Lot of someones.

I now suggest you head on over to an essay I ran across today. I will quote a bit from it, then give you the link in its headline.

As I have learned more, and done the hard work of fact-checking, my own views have shifted. I once saw Trump as a loud-mouthed billionaire with a colourful history, and the probable lesser of two evils. Now I realise that I was hopelessly wrong — in his favour. I have therefore totally changed my perspective as more verifiable data sources have arrived (with Q just being one of many).

My observation is that many strong political views about Trump and MAGA are underpinned with little experiential reality — being exclusively shaped by the corporate media that serves only its own interests. If my thesis is correct, the mass media’s hostility has a very self-serving purpose: to constantly lie and libel, so as to protect itself from public accountability and painful justice for its institutional criminality.

“We have it all” terrifies the “mafia media”

Given how Q has consistently and accurately predicted major and minor world events, the last bullet above should grab your attention. The catch-22 the media faces is that Q accuses them of complicity to cover up treason, sedition, human trafficking, widespread corruption, false flag terrorism, paedophilia, murder, organ harvesting, and more. (Most disturbingly — even worse — but this isn’t the time or place to go there.).

#FakeNews doesn’t really begin to convey what’s being said here: the mainstream media has become a “mafia media”. There is plenty of historical evidence available to back this assertion up, notably and famously the CIA’s Project Mockingbird. Q points to a number of Congressional documents on how the CIA (a rogue “deep state” intelligence agency) infiltrated the media after WW2.

As former CIA Director William Casey famously said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”. If you believe that this was an idle boast, or that it was all ended decades ago, then I have yet another mineral and opium war to sell to you.

But it doesn’t stop there. Google, Twitter and Facebook — and by implication the Silicon Valley culture — are all singled out by Q as being corrupt by inception and operation. Q tells us that once the awful reality is known, “some [media] platforms will collapse under [the] weight of [their] illegal activities.”

If Q is indeed a military intelligence operation — and to me, the evidence is overwhelming — the team has access to everything the NSA has ever collected (and that of over a dozen other US intelligence agencies). Q has said ten times: “we have it all”. They know exactly what has been going on: the criminal surveillance state has been turned upon itself. As a responsible citizen, can you in good conscience continue to ignore this?

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