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4-D chess

Trump, Q, and others have been claiming that the Kavanaugh confirmation is a sure thing. Their proclamations have established a pattern of coming true. Perhaps not with the timing and in the way I expected, but in the end they do take place as predicted.

I was disappointed and concerned when the obvious lies, unsupportable assaults and perjuries were able to delay the full-Senate vote to approve Brent’s Supreme Court position. Dang, these attacks were so shallow as to provide almost no cover at all, even in the rigged lamestream press. But the more vile top-level politicians hid behind them as an excuse to vote against one of the cleanest Supremes appointments I have ever seen.

A huge disappointment to me that the next chapter did not begin when I expected, and worse, there seems to be a possibility the appointment might fail… A Supreme Court upholding Constitutional law may remain off the books for, well, too long… THE PLAN may have a major hole in it… the psychopath and sociopath criminals may escape the noose.

Trump went so quickly from the Kavanaugh confirmation passing through the Senate Judicial Committee to announcing a delay in the full Senate confirmation vote while the FBI conducts an investigation that it looked like the dark forces won a major victory. Lamestream media is certainly doing a happy dance on it.

– or –


Oh, but wait-a-minute … The ugly ones drove full speed out onto the prison barge The Team floated out in front of them. They set three hired liars out one after another, then committed all of their political capital to supporting the blatantly false narrative. Crap like this has been working for fifty years now. Their playbook hasn’t needed an update, but the game has changed. It does now. They are realizing this just one step too late.

Trump’s FBI investigation came up so fast all of us were surprised. Turns out the dark side really did not want it. They wanted The Donald to waste his political capital fighting against it. As they leaned in to push for it, Trump pulled them in the direction they were leaning. Great Judo Move.

Since everybody involved KNOWS FULL WELL the charges are bogus, the witnesses are perjurs, and their champions are liars, an FBI investigation they do not control will be disastrous.

Fancy move.

Okay. I’ll sit back with my popcorn and watch.

The waiting is hard, though.

I want to skip forward a few chapters in this book.