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Justice Brett Kavanaugh arrives today

Behind the senate judiciary committee’s Brett Kavanaugh confirmation show is some very serious business. The Swamp, Deep State, Bilderberg Group, satanists, pedophiles, globalist and many other appropriately named dark force players are watching as THE PLAN comes relentlessly down the track at them.

Nothing they have thrown on the tracks has derailed this train.

Their desperation is very real, and well founded. Nothing in the last 50 years has given them any reason to fear justice for their actions. As Rockefeller told Arron Russo, “You can have a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. The law can’t touch you. How can you turn that down?”

That is how these people have lived their entire adult lives – among their fellow untouchables acting out their perversions, fantasies and our nightmares.

They know the 99%-ers will be disgusted and celebrate justice entering their world when the truth comes out. Their invulnerability depended entirely on continued control over the levers of power. They are fighting for their lives. More murder is fine with them if it keeps justice at bay.

Two years ago Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died… under suspicious circumstances … with no autopsy and a rushed cremation. Nothing to see here, folks, but on that day the balance of the Supreme Court changed to favor The Deep State. Kavanaugh brings it back to the other side.

This relates directly to the sealed indictments, unsealed indictments, human trafficking arrests, high-level resignation surge and much more. Click on the link to see just how much is going on … that lamestream media figures to be unmentionable, but is HUGE nevertheless.

The sealed indictments require some setup before they can be unsealed. The Dark Forces KNOW their names are on those papers. Their numbers are up. Others are hoping their resignations might temper their comeuppances.

A civilian kangaroo court circus show won’t work. Remember Slick Willy with “That depends on what your definition of is is.” He got away with it. THAT is not in THE PLAN.

Each of these slimeballs has committed numerous federal treason crimes. Military tribunals will deliver justice. No show. No slick willies. No weasel-word way out.

THAT is why they are flailing away so desperately. The very real possibility of justice coming to people who lived decadent lives knowing they were invulnerable. Not people so much as very special people: psychopaths and sociopaths who surrounded themselves with fellow defectives.

How would a psychopath act if he knew nothing could get him in trouble? That no crime would ever be punished?

Many of us have watched a collection of them with that license for a long, long time. The possibility of justice arriving is EXCITING.

In one of the better parts of the show, Lindsey Graham chews up the senators resisting Kavenaugh’s confirmation.

Senate hearings, like all of their public pronouncements, are not shall we say The Whole Truth? All they are trying to achieve is COVER. Can they pretend to be stupid, ignorant, confused or some other reason to justify continuing their reign of terror, wanton destruction and perverse self-gratification.

Plausible deniability.

Stupid? No.

Sick. Sure.

The swamp creatures are at risk today.

Enjoy the show.

In case you missed it or want a review, here is an overview of THE PLAN: