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the greatest show in human history

I have read A LOT about the deep state and shared some. Their shocking failure to install the witch in the white house was a result of underestimating their enemy. At the time, I thought their excessive confidence and long-running unfettered crime spree was it. Now I am convinced there is a much more tangible enemy of those dark forces. The more I learn about this probability, the more optimistic I get at our chances of seeing them find justice.

What I initially thought of in terms of yeah-sure, perhaps, maybe and so on is solidifying. Anonymous is a real force.

Q anon is a key, central figure. A very real part of what I hear regularly called simply THE PLAN.

If you are going to grab the popcorn, pull up a chair and watch the show, paying attention to Q and anon are not-to-be-missed portions of it.

This 13-minute video is an awesome overview. The tidiest package I have seen on the big picture.

Best of all, there is real hope.