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social media’s social disease

The late August headline was quite public; the subject almost public. The big players seem a bit confused about their popularity, assuming THEY OWN the little people who use their platforms.

Facebook, Google and Twitter execs are holding a secret meeting in San Francisco to discuss ways to prevent meddling in 2018 elections

Executives from Silicon Valley’s top tech companies will meet on Friday to discuss how to prevent meddling on their platforms during the 2018 midterm elections.

Facebook invited a dozen firms to convene at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, according to BuzzFeed News, which obtained an email detailing the meeting.

This meddling they want to prevent is from those pesky, persistent even, supporters of politicians other than Clintons, Obamas, Pelosis and those people who are stubbornly resistant to a total police state with endless war. So they meet in the people’s paradise of the left coast where free speech is celebrated as long as it is politically correct and diversity is their utopia inclusive of everyone but heterosexuals, Conservatives, Christians and Caucasians.

In their Brave New World, as imagined by Aldous Huxley in 1931, the bother of exposure to different ideas, having to think for yourself, and the challenge of considering right from wrong has been excised from their lives by their superiors in the ruling elite; their exalted leaders.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest are working together to tailor their censorship and share ideas on how best to prevent anti-war, anti-racist, personal liberty, rule of law and other non-approved ideas from being shared.

Failing to understand the reason for their popularity will be their downfall.

People walked away from lamestream media and increasingly continue to do so. The monopolists who conglomerated print media have cut publication costs, staff, content, and are rapidly heading for the dustbin. Canary cage liners will soon have to be bought in stores rather than delivered to porches.

That the six owners of broadcast media are now speaking with one voice has become obvious. As a result their audience is plummeting. The remaining audience approves of the message. The escapees turn to the Internet.

The Internet has always been a place where people had to think for themselves. Information there is as often false as true. Lies repeated often enough are still lies. It is of course possible to find little safe spaces in the world wide web where the thoughts are limited, but that is not why most people moved there from the mainstream monoliths.

This is what those executives from “Silicon Valley’s top tech companies” do not seem to understand.

Alternatives adhering to the original open Internet of ideas exist.

DuckDuckGo, the antithesis of Google, is a search engine that does not track your searching behavior, target advertisements, channel your information sources, pipeline to NSA, or in other ways work as part of the new world order team.

Microsoft’s Internet Exploder and Google’s Chrome both turned ugly with secret back doors, channeling and manipulation. Long ago many of us moved on to a much more honest Mozilla Firefox as our Internet browser. Sadly they recently joined ‘the team’ working against us.

Enter, stage right, Vivaldi, a browser that respects and protects your right to privacy.

Step aside Big Brother, there are open source, honorable social media platforms on the scene now. Minds is a good one, growing like wildfire. Minds, according to their byline, is an open source and decentralized platform for Internet freedom. The new ‘friends’ I have been making there are far fewer and on average higher quality than the hundreds I am leaving behind. Just like starting life in a new physical neighborhood, it takes a little effort to make new connections to old and new friends, but I am finding that worth it.

Gab is somewhat new to me, but already showing good potential. I will let them tell their own story as they do it quite well.


The Battle For The Free Internet

Gab is an ad-free social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, the freedom of speech, and the free flow of information on the internet. A free and open internet is essential to the future of a free world. Freedom is creative. It produces. It generates. From freedom flows truth, beauty, wisdom, and growth.

Censorship and closed systems are ultimately about two things: destruction and control. Censorship does not create value, it annihilates it. It corrals human thought into the direction of its choosing. It attempts to bend the global consciousness to its will. This has always historically been the case. Censorship is nothing new.

The difference is we don’t have to stand by and watch it happen. We don’t have to watch the free and open internet be manipulated by 4-5 smug elites in Silicon Valley.

The internet belongs to We The People. Period.

Together we can preserve something incredible for generations to come. A human achievement so great it challenges the status quo and power of the global elite: the fundamental human right of expression.

There is none more powerful in this world than the storytellers. No amount of money, human resources, or time can stop them or their ideas. The goal of censorship is to silence the storytellers, the truth seekers, the contrarians, the artists, those who question the status quo. We cannot stand by and watch this continue to happen.

This will not be an overnight battle. It will likely be a 5-10 year digital, cultural, and information war. We can and will win. We’ve built an incredible community of amazing people who share our values and cherish liberty. That is why we will continue to win. Join us and help keep the internet great for generations to come.

You will never silence the storytellers.

Reminder: You purchase the product, or you are the product.

YouTube jumped on the censors bandwagon, but they do no own us. We can vote with our feet – or in this case, our keyboards. Vimeo is an alternative where I have been sharing my videos. They openly encourage you to purchase premium features, but allow little guys like me to operate without charging me directly or turning me into a product.

Last, but not least, I share with you an honorable e-mail service provider, ProtonMail, based in Switzerland. In their words,
Open Source, Free Secure Email.
We believe email privacy should be available to all. That’s why our code is open source and basic ProtonMail accounts are always free. You can support the project by donating or upgrading to a paid account.

So serious about privacy are they that encryption is automatically part of the package. The downside is that you have to log on to your account to read your mail. It decripts with your logon and re-incripts when you log off.

You can and should do your own research. I am a happy customer of the ones I recommend above. Just as I have never looked back from my operating systems switch to Linux a decade ago, these honorable enterprises are the wave of the future for those wanting their Internet to be consistent with its potential for sharing good information.

That brings up a related issue: operating systems. As with many of the social sharing platforms above, Linux is “open source” – meaning that the programming code that creates them is open to the public. There are no tricks hidden inside enabling snoops, spies and controllers into your electronic world … something The Big Ones do BIG TIME.

I am a long-term fan and happy user of Linux Mint. I prefer purchasing ready-to-load copies of the operating system from rather than availing myself of the free downloads. I find it easier and feel there is less chance of getting it wrong. YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Dip your toe in the waters of the real world wide web. Come on in. The water’s fine. Moreover, it beats the heck out of that swamp water the big boys are selling.