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media group insanity

I’m watching in disgusted fascination as the media and political elites continue their group contortions to achieve the disastrous world war they seem to want so badly. They continue to agree on sets of lies to be repeated often enough that the gullible will believe them.

I would prefer to give you a list with links, but it is everywhere and I am as busy as a one-armed-paper-hanger. But I want to share this perspective and encourage you to visit one of the better news sources, Paul Craig Roberts.

“How can the US media be so utterly stupid and irresponsible as to create a situation in which if a crisis erupts the leaders of the two major nuclear powers cannot speak to one another with an iota of trust? What is more dangerous for the world than the climate of hate Putin/hate Trump that the presstitutes, Democrats, US military/security complex, neocons, and crazed Republicans like John McCain have created?

The fact is this: In the United States and UK, political and media voices are doing everything to make impossible a responsible relationship between the two great powers. What could be more certain to result in war?”

“The most scary fact of our time is that the two men most committed to peaceful relations between the US and Russia—Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin—are the two most demonized people on Earth. The demonization of Trump and Putin is the principal activity of the US media and the Democratic Party.”