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You either pay for the product, or you ARE the product

My confuser fan was running far too much, too fast and too often. I finally dealt with it.

Not advisable, but expedient is to vacuum or use compressed air dusters to suck or blow the air vent holes in the bottom. I did get quite a bit of dust out, but without changing its symptoms.

I opened up the case and did it right, again with canned air made for the task. Oh yeah, quite dusty inside. That needed doing.

But my new browser Vivaldi and old Firefox both tend to run the cooling fan at its highest level, working to dissipate heat the the computer is generating with all that thinking – that is all the electrons flowing hither and yon. It is not everywhere, though. Some sites use more than others.

So I fired up my system monitor to analyze more carefully.

My website takes very little thinking 😉 … that is, there are not any traps, tricks, searches or other computer exercising bits to it. What you see quickly downloads, then nothing further happens. I am not hacking around your computer looking for anything. I don’t go there at all.

It is quite different with FREE weather sites. All sorts of activities take place in all four of the quad-core memories, and a lot of data travels up and down from the Internet while I am connected to those – and they all do it. The fan tells me work is taking place, while the system monitor quantifies it. CPU usage when connected to free weather sites runs 60%-80% most of the time – regardless of how long I give it to settle down.

I pay a nominal fee for Pandora music online. That settles down to a shade over 20% while streaming music.

I added reading RT International and RT USofA news to monitor the change. 20%-30% became 30%-60%, but settled down to the lower end of that after a few minutes.

I closed that and went to, another website well known to be on “the wrong side” of the political spectrum. Brief spike, then settled down to near zero impact. Even with powerful enemies, not much going on there.

I tried this experiment with Twitter. Spiked a bit, then settled down to minuscule. Hmmm, I expected snoops there fershur, but was incorrect.

Facebook, which I have mostly walked away from recently did not have a huge impact, but it was noticeable. They are up to something, but smooth about it.

There is no way for we mere mortals to know if the more consumptive web visits are thus by their own hand or the hand of some super-agency hitching a ride on every bit and byte that traverses certain links.

The cause doesn’t matter much to me. If someone is mucking around in my computer I DO NOT LIKE IT. To me it is a clear message to do something else; try another approach.

I am working on it. I’ll keep you posted.