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the meaning of the automobile

Tom Luongo’s blog article below starts with a scattergun approach, but quickly focuses on what internal combustion autos did for our culture. It is something few of us ever appreciate, but a century of personal liberty is pretty darn significant.

Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Geniuses of The Left and the Glory of Cars

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is most likely going to jail.  She wasn’t Steve Jobs with a vagina, she was a fraud.

George Soros is not a “billionaire philanthropist” anymore than Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified person to ever run for President.”  He’s a cross between a virus and a vulture, first indiscriminately killing whole colonies of prey and looting their corpses long after they are dead.

Mark Zuckerberg is not the kid who brought the world together.  He’s just a creepy stalker with powerful friends.

Elon Musk isn’t “the smartest guy in the room”.  He’s a huckster.  A talented huckster, for sure.  But, the lies of the huckster always catch up with them, like right now.

All of these people are the New Geniuses championed relentlessly by the Left. They are the media darlings of the past decade presented to us as the new faces of capitalism while pulling the strings of the political system to prove to us there is a better way forward for humanity.

But, there isn’t.  This con job of Soros’ “open society” is nothing more than a front for the same Utopian Trotskyism that destroyed Russia a century ago.  They are the same tired, pampered control freaks the forces of centralization I call The Davos Crowd set upon us to steal our wealth and and limit our choices.

Musk, in particular, is the worst of the three innovators listed above.  Why?  Because he’s trying to destroy the car.

And the car is the most important invention of the 20th century.  It gave us freedom of movement in ways our ancestors could only dream about.

Freedom of movement enhances trade and resource collection/distribution by orders of magnitude.  It gave us on-demand mechanical advantage not capable with block and tackle or teams of horses.

And Musk wants to tie the car to the centralized, massively inefficient electrical grid, owned and operated around the world by the State.  He wants to chuck a century of perfecting the internal combustion engine be it powered by gasoline or diesel.

But, if he really wanted to free the masses from the tyranny of oil he wouldn’t have built Tesla the way he has.

The Tesla isn’t purpose-built to revolutionize travel, it was purpose-built to serve the Myth of Man-Made Global Warming.  It’s the Toyota Prius Americanized — fattened up to be a luxury sedan with the implicit message that you can have your cake and eat it too.

You can have a car that is powerful, good-looking, luxurious and socially-conscious.

It may be all of those things.  But, the Model S is something more sinister than that.  It is a con job because it trades the reliability of access to power and storage of said power for a dream no one should have been having in the first place.

It is a sad reflection on a world awash in cheap credit and malinvested capital.  Tesla has never produced one car at a price point that doesn’t cost the company thousands of dollars per item.

And therefore its promise is a lie, as it not only eats the cake it also eats your neighbor’s cake as well.

and now the narrative is all about the Model 3 being the new Volkswagen, the people’s car.  To bring our higher community spirit to a consumer-level package.  Because that’s the society this world of bank-owned corporatocracy has created, one where intentions  are more valuable than actually producing things people use.

This is in stark contrast to the original Volkswagen, which truly was a revolutionary product.  In the same way that the original Mustang was the American car perfected for the middle class of the mid-1960’s.

The point of electric cars and, worse, self-driving cars is too make travel unreliable and further ensure that in times of societal crisis all the State would have to do to stop us from getting around is shut down the grid.

Compared to electricity, gasoline production is massively decentralized.  You can’t store electricity reliably.  It’s an on-demand product no matter what the form.

And reliable electricity is the one thing that separates the first world from the third.

Without it a modern economy withers.

And that’s exactly what the Geniuses of the Left have planned for us, a homogeneous world of quiet desperation and tyranny of isolation sold to us as ‘shared community responsibility.’

It’s a good thing none of it is sustainable.

So, when watching this livestream today forgive the digressions into geeking out about cars and understand that this is why Tesla and the Geniuses of the Left are all but finished.  As always NFSW rules apply.

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