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storage unit on wheels

The Missus bought a fixer-upper 80s Ford F350 van nose attached to a humongous (for it) 24-foot Leprechaun motor home a year ago. This project is NOT on my list. She finally found a shop to make it functional (plumbing works, but no water heater), but I had not been able to get excited about it.

“Just think, Honey, the forest fires come ripping down our canyon, we throw what we can into the Leprechaun and can park in safety somewhere.” …. or whatever Bugout motivator you come up with.

Crumb! I am neck-deep in getting this homestead where I want it after a year of working steadily at it. Bugout plans are NOT on my agenda. Besides, where would I go that we will be welcome? How long can I last with ZERO skills living off the land? Numerous nays, needless to say. Besides, her Leprechaun has very little storage space. It has 3 beds, a bathroom, kitchen, dining, BUT no storage. We could not move around inside of it if we threw a few bugout bags in the middle.

Then THE ANSWER came to me, us. I thought of and immediately found a great deal on an enclosed cargo trailer. This is a storage shed on wheels for less than the going rate for storage sheds on earth. The one I brought home is rare in that I can stand 6-foot tall without touching the ceiling. I can walk around carrying freight without having to stoop and wreck my back.

Also rare, the standard single axle is 5′ x 8′. This one is 6′ x 12′. That, by the way, gives us some nice working room.

The Beast (my ugly, brutal old Suburban) is set up for short-medium range comms. The additional comms gear will permanently reside in the trailer, along with awning, tent, sleeping gear, rocket stove, etcetera. If’n we have to bug out, all we gotta do is connect the trailer to The Beast, sling a bunch of last minute stuff in the trailer between the permanent shelves, fire up the Leprechaun, and GO.

We won’t go fast or far, but we will have a heckuva camp wherever we land.

Coming soon: Shelves and storage racks on both walls with a generous lane down the middle between them.