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the negotiator under attack

In a rational country, the president negotiating with potential enemies to avert nuclear war disastrous for all parties would be a good thing.

Ohmygawsh! Trump is talking with The Russians. Eeeek! The Donald is talking with The Chinese. Egad! POTUS is trying to work an accord with the North Koreans.

What we are seeing is a litmus test for sanity in geopolitics. If a news organization or politician would prefer military attacks between our countries to conversation, They Are Nuts. Their evil and/or idiocy are on display.
Take notes.
Trust them as far as you can throw them.


North Korea Accuses Senior Admin Officials Of Undermining Trump Peace Deal

North Korea has slammed US officials for trying to undermine the North Korea denuclearization deal behind President Trump’s back, according to the country’s official news agency, KCNA

Pyongyang pointed out that that in addition to taking “such practical denuclearization steps” as discontinuing its ICBM testing and dismantling nuclear facilities, they allowed the repatriation of US-POW/MIA remains. 

“We hoped that these goodwill measures would contribute to breaking down the high barrier of mistrust existing between the DPRK and the U.S. and to establishing mutual trust,” reads the statement, “However, the U.S. responded to our expectation by inciting international sanctions and pressure against the DPRK.”

The U.S. is attempting to invent a pretext for increased sanctions against the DPRK by mobilizing all their servile mouthpieces and intelligence institutions to fabricate all kinds of falsehoods on our nuclear issue. They made public the “North Korea Sanctions and Enforcement Actions Advisory” and additional sanctions, and called for collaboration in forcing sanctions and pressure upon us even at the international meetings. –KCNA

And all of this is being done despite President Trump’s intention to negotiate in good faith, reads the statement. 

Now the issue in question is that, going against the intention of president Trump to advance the DPRK-U.S. relations, who is expressing gratitude to our goodwill measures for implementing the DPRK-U.S. joint statement, some high-level officials within the U.S. administration are making baseless allegations against us and making desperate attempts at intensifying the international sanctions and pressure. –KCNA

“As long as the U.S. denies even the basic decorum for its dialogue partner and clings to the outdated acting script which the previous administrations have all tried and failed, one cannot expect any progress in the implementation of the DPRK-U.S. joint statement including the denuclearization.

In other words, despite Trump’s intentions – members of his administration are undermining the historic progress made in US-North Korea relations.