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one using the old noodle – vs the other

Faux News talking head Chris Wallace unsheathes his wet noodle to “ask the hard questions” of Vladimir Putin. The interview below is well worth watching at least as much for the uneven contest as for the content.

Whether by official policy or personal acceptance of their mythologies, poor Chris tries to corner Vladimir with smoke and mirrors only to find his opponent quite capable of clearing the air every time.

Proven lies do not show well in contrast to proven facts.

They keep trying to get Putin to play their games by their rules. Why would any sane person do that?

I am personally impatient with interrupters. Sensationalist shouters squash debate, substituting a contest of rudeness for an honorable discussion where facts are presented in seeking truth.

While there is a significant audience for their theater, it includes no thoughtful people. I enjoy seeing their absurdity tossed aside with polite judo.