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the state of cultural decline

The Woodpile Report always has good stuff. This one is no exception.

I will toss in some favorite parts, but you probably ought to go read through the whole thing yourself… make sure you have at least 15 minutes, because it is worth at least that. With his excellent links, it can take you many directions for quite a bit longer than that. It is likely worth revisiting.


Thales at Declination says Leftists have no idea of the risks they are taking:

At some point Leftist derangement will exceed the Rightist’s reluctance to resort to violence. And when that Rubicon is crossed, there is no going back. Leftists are quicker to violence, but Rightists are far better at it. The consequences of this will be grave…

The Rubicon is somewhere, and that across its shore lies Civil War, or something approximating that. And so, in this, we are generally wiser than our Leftist counterparts, who haven’t a clue about the hornet’s nest they’ve been poking.

Daniel Greenfield at Front Page says the Left knows what they’re doing:

Some conservative commentators are saying that the left hasn’t thought this through. Sure they have. The grad student working on some bottom rung of the D.C. career ladder before getting bombed and joining some anarchist protest may not have thought it out, but the guys and girls pushing the buttons have.

What they want is to wreck America, go full Wiemar, move to street violence, and then, by persuasion or force, impose their own system to deal with the emergency. What better way to trash most of the forms of government, the Constitution, checks and balances, than by burning everything down.


Editor note: Bad news for US, but good news for anyone they declare war against. This is not just the Navy. Even Special Forces are being emasculated and ‘equalized’.

We’ve all heard of Diversity Directors at universities, their six-figure salaries and big staffs, their thought police and mandatory perversion and deranged robo-mobs and nonstop hate whitey. It is with deep disgust I learned the Navy has … gasp … an Office of Inclusion and Diversity. Here’s their web page . No wonder they have a retention problem. No wonder some junior officers drive ships like bumper cars at a county fair.

Campus Reform – MIT hiring admin to expand ‘affirmative action’ efforts … prioritize women and minority candidates

College Fix – Women-only tech scholarships, ‘Man Tax’ violate California discrimination laws: lawsuit … female scholarship applicants also get a “STEM industry mentor”



Violence, Town Hall – When people tell you they want to hurt you, you should believe them. And we Normals are starting to listen to what liberals say. There’s really nowhere else for the liberals to go but towards embracing widespread violence. The logic of their twisted mindset is such that Normals are not merely wrong and not merely evil, but that normal Americans and those who represent them are the evilest evildoers in evil history. It makes reasoned debate impossible. So, since they’ve taken reasoned debate off the table, there are not a lot of options left for resolving political and cultural differences. There are lies, intimidation, and violence. That’s about it. And the first two have stopped working.